Historic Faith Journey

Historic Faith

1998 - With much prayer and conversation, Real Life Ministries is formed with Jim Putman as Senior Pastor. The first service has 147 people attend.
1999 - After only four months at the Cinema, Real Life Ministries grows to 350 people in weekly attendance.
2001 - The building that is now known as RLM 2 was completed and the congregation grew from 800 to 1,227 in two months.
2002 - With weekend attendance at 2,500 and Home Groups attendance growing monthly, leadership decides to build the current worship facility - RLM 1.
2003 - Real Life Ministries plants its first church, Real Life Ministries Spokane Valley. They are in a new building now, running 1,360 in weekend attendance.
2005 - Real Life Ministries makes both the “Fastest Growing Churches” and the “Most Influential Churches” lists. Real Life Newport is planted.
2006 - After Easter attendance tops 10,000 for the first time, and 6,500 in weekly attendance, RLM looks to expand again.
2007 - RLM plants two more churches, Real Life on the Palouse and Real Life Silver Valley. Both churches are growing and building permanent facilities.
2008 - Real Life Ministries buys 118 acres on the prairie in the heart of Kootenai County. Real Life Boise is planted in Meridian, Idaho in October.
2009 - Real Life Ministries starts construction on RLM 3, providing more classroom space and a permanent home for the RLM Thrift Store.
2010 - RLM plants its sixth church, Real Life Spokane, which is already growing at a miraculous rate with current attendance of 400 people.
2011 - RLM trains about 680 participants from 155 churches from our region and across the nation including Illinois, Wyoming, Tennessee and Oklahoma.
2012 - Real Life plans on planting our first local campus church in Coeur d’Alene with the goal of reaching more people through outreach.